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Message from the Rebbe


Our Sages taught that the ultimate goal in creation is to make it a Home for the Maker. This is in truth one of the 613 mitzvos that we were given on Sinai " ".ועשו לי מקדש ושכנתי בתוכםThe Zohar explains that this is done by building a Beis Kenesses aligned with beauty, function, and structure to the Beis Hamikdash above. We are working on, and thank G-d, are in the process of
this mitzvah, and are building together, Be'ezras Hashem, a house of Torah and Tefiloh. A home
for Hashem together with His people in the Hills surrounding Yerushalayim .תובב"א
The Zohar also says that Yisroel, the Torah, and Hakadosh Baruch Hu are One. This is the purpose
of the house we are building. A 'mikdash me'at' for Hashem. Whoever joins his hands with ours,
and builds a portion, a room, or a shteibel, in the home involved in settling the Shechinah on Earth
in Eretz Yisroel, he is proliferating Torah in the world. And He is bonded in Hashem's Unity and secures his own home for eternity.

A word from the Chairman
As our community continues to grow, we invite you to share in the opportunity of building our new shul. As building is near completion, please take a look at the plans and model images of our building in Beitar, and take advantage. Here you'll find an easy way to honor a loved one by sponsoring one or more parts of this impressive project.

Mosdos Hornisteipol in Eretz Hakodesh
YonahBinyomin Weiss