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Here's what people are saying :

The Rebbe is the best educator

“As a student of the Rebbe for the past 15 years, I can testify that a piece of what he
taught me goes into every new student that I meet.
 His passion for Yiddishkeit is
 It has the potential to spread to all corners of the globe.”

“Over sixty years ago, my grandfather was a student of Rav Shloime Twerski Zt"l in
Denver. Today, I am the only person in my family that is shomer Torah and mitzvos.
Emek HaChochma has given me an opportunity to reconnect to my family’s Chassidic
roots and reestablish our tradition here in Yerushalayim.”

“Just watching the Rebbe talk about the awesomeness of
G-d opened up my soul to
experience G-d in this world. That has allowed me to connect to G-d through music in ways I had never imagined.
I am forever indebted to the Rebbe.”

Food for thought from the Rebbe

  1. HARGASHA - One of the principles of Hornisteipol is "Hargasha (experience Hashem)" in all aspects of life.
  2. HASHEM is your's - It says in the Torah "ANOCHI HASHEM ELOKHEKHA," develop your personal relationship with Hashem.
  3. SIMCHA - It's essential to be B'simcha the entire day and especially in Avodas Hashem.